Document Scanning Bureau Confidentiality

With over 25 years of experience in handling and processing millions of documents each month, DataSave understand the importance of your documents. An implicit part of this understanding is the confidentiality of the documents that are being handled. To ensure customer and document confidentiality is utmost we treat every single piece of paper in the same manner.

A Confidentiality Clause is implicit in every employee’s contract, and to break this would be deemed as Gross Misconduct.

The average length of service for our employees is currently over 10 years! This is a great record for any scanning bureau. Experience, quality and confidentiality.

Only DataSave staff are permitted entry to the facility and all doors to the facility are locked with automatic keypads upon entry and exit.

Save Time

- Find documents when you need them
- No more filing of documents
- Instant access and distribution of information

Save Space

- Utilise your office space
- Keep your documents safe

Save Money

- No more increasing storage costs
- No time spent searching for lost/misfiled documents