Document Management Software

DataSave can offer a document scanning solution for all document management requirements in all industries. With our flexible approach and ability to create bespoke solutions as per your requirements. These solutions include:

CD archive
: Basic CD storage of archive documents, retrievable by a directory structure or on your very own specified search fields.
Network storage:Your documents can be easily transferred onto your companies network for simultaneous multi-user access.
Online retrieval
: DataSave can manage all of your document archive securely online allowing 24 hours a day 7 days a week access to your documents from anywhere in the world.
Invu EDM
: DataSave are a premier partner of Europes leading EDM software solution Invu. From consultancy to Training, Install to technical support.
The scanned images that are produced are standard 'Group 4' Tiff images. These Tiff images are the industry standard and can be viewed in any Tiff image viewer. Here at DataSave we believe that our service is so good that we do not need to encrypt the images so that they will only view in our software to keep customers. This allows our customers in the future to transfer these images into other company systems.

PDF format is also available amongst other file formats upon request.

Save Time

- Find documents when you need them
- No more filing of documents
- Instant access and distribution of information

Save Space

- Utilise your office space
- Keep your documents safe

Save Money

- No more increasing storage costs
- No time spent searching for lost/misfiled documents