Scanning services

Your document storage problems can be simply out sourced to DataSave where your documents will be converted to digital formats through our document scanning and microfilm scanning process knowing that quality, confidentiality and security is utmost.

document scanning servicesDataSave have the technology and ability to transfer many types of documents to electronic images for quick retrieval via CD/DVD, corporate networks and the internet with our document scanning solutions.

Ask yourself this question:

"How much does it cost when my staff can't find the files they need?"

When files or papers are misplaced, misfiled, or leave your building it can cause massive disruption. Orders can be delayed, proposals held up and client service is compromised. This is one of the reasons why you need to contact DataSave to help you find the right solution for your business!

Some of these document types we scan:

A4 – A3 document scanning
(Purchase invoice scanning, Employee Record scanning, job pack scanning, medical record scanning, scanning of client files, member file scanning)

Colour A4 – A3 document scanning
(contracts scanned to pdf, technical graphs and quality control document scanning for aerospace)

A4 – A0 drawings
(Scanning of large format engineering and technical drawings and plans)

A4 –A0 Colour drawings and plans (Engineering and technical drawings and large format plans)

16mm and 32mm Microfilm scanning(Legacy HR records, Occupational Heath records, scanning of pension member files, medical records scanning, parts list)

Microfiche scanning(Legacy HR records, Occupational Heath records, pension member files, medical records scanning)

Aperture card scanning(Engineering and technical drawings and plans)

PDF conversion & authoring

Let DataSave convert your costly paper archive into an efficient and money saving electronic document management system.

Save Time

- Find documents when you need them
- No more filing of documents
- Instant access and distribution of information

Save Space

- Utilise your office space
- Keep your documents safe

Save Money

- No more increasing storage costs
- No time spent searching for lost/misfiled documents