Secure archive storage

DataSave also offer a secure document storage solution where your documents are archive stored.

Physical storage
Your documents are boxed on your premises (unless boxed already) and then transported in DataSaves own vehicles to the DataSave archive storage. The boxes are then cataloged and then stored in purpose built archive racking.

Retrieval methods
There are various retrieval methods to suit dependent on your retrieval criteria, from same day delivery of the original documents / box to same day email scan on demand delivery of your documents as PDF or Tiff images.

Secure destruction
DataSave offer a secure document destruction service, this can be done per box or by multiple boxes. A destruction certificate is available on request.

The cost
The cost of storage is dependent upon the quantity of boxes that you required to be archived, obviously the more you store the lower the unit cost. The storage fee is a fixed per box per month fee with so you only pay for the exact storage space that you use.

Save Time

- Find documents when you need them
- No more filing of documents
- Instant access and distribution of information

Save Space

- Utilise your office space
- Keep your documents safe

Save Money

- No more increasing storage costs
- No time spent searching for lost/misfiled documents